My Money & Legacy Educational Course

We aim to empower you to become more confident in managing your finances, and to work with your professionals to achieve your desired outcomes.

Remember, the key to success is not just learning, but also implementing what you've learned. If you're ready to take control of your finances and build a better legacy, then this platform is for you. Join us today and start your journey towards financial empowerment!
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Important Note

Our course provides education, not financial, tax, or legal advice. You should consult with your financial, tax, and legal professionals for personalized advice. If you're looking to boost your financial confidence and create a legacy, this course is for you. Just remember, education without implementation won't change anything—be ready to take action!

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What You’ll Learn

Cash Flow Management

Discover how to transform negative cash flow into positive cash flow each month without the stress of complicated budgeting.

Debt Management

Learn the difference between good and bad debt, and how to leverage other people's money to build wealth.

Asset Protection

Understand the ins and outs of life insurance and how it can protect you and your loved ones.

Wealth Building

Get confident with investing and explore the risks and rewards of different strategies.

Retirement Planning

 Find out what types of accounts you should consider for a secure retirement.

Building a Legacy

Learn how to create a lasting legacy for your family and future generations.
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Downloadable Activities

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Why Financial Education Matters

Without proper financial education, you'll always struggle with money, no matter how much you make. This course goes beyond basic concepts like compound interest, the rule of 72, and cash flow. It's about understanding what money truly is—both intellectually and intuitively—and how to use that knowledge to make better decisions. You'll gain the skills and confidence to become a financial wizard and make your money work for you.
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What You'll Learn

Better Financial Decisions

With the right education, you'll have more financial opportunities and choices for yourself and your family.

Improved Quality of Life

As you learn to manage your cash flow and leverage strategies, you'll notice a significant difference in your lifestyle.

Greater Wealth Potential

Wealth isn't about working harder; it's about implementing the right strategies. We'll show you how.

Secure Retirement

Avoid relying on family, friends, or government assistance with the right retirement planning.

Stronger Relationships

As you master the energy of money, you'll have more time and resources to build meaningful relationships.

Lasting Legacy

Financial education can break the cycle of generational poverty. Learn how to build a lasting legacy for your family.
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Meet the Instructor

Dre Parker

Financial, Business, and Life Coaching Services

I could tell you about my accolades and titles, but let's keep it real—I didn't have it all figured out. Like many, I made financial mistakes early on and learned from them. I started my entrepreneurial journey in 1995, built a 6-figure business, and lost it because of my lack of financial knowledge.

It wasn't until 2012 that I started understanding money, and by 2015, I became a licensed financial professional. My goal is to share my journey and help you avoid the same pitfalls, so you can focus on building your money and legacy.

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