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A world without Racism and other Systems of Oppression. 



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Provide an ecosystem of successful approaches that increase the ability to undo Racism and other
Systems of Oppression. 

Our Approach

Our goal is to eradicate racism and all systems of oppression. Through Pro-Equity Anti-Racism, a concept that purposefully begins with a Pro-Equity effort to end all systems of oppression, the root cause of all inequities, intentionally ensuring an Intersectionality approach leading through the lens of Anti-Racism.


Pro-Equity Anti-Racism is a systems approach to eradicate all systems of oppression while centering racism to drive
Pro-Equity outcomes. Pro-Equity Anti-Racism is founded on the following understandings:

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The PEARadigm™ Framework is a flexible model designed to root out racism and all forms of systemic oppression. It advocates for a Pro-Equity stance as a fundamental step to address and eliminate the core causes of inequities. By intentionally applying an Intersectionality approach and viewing efforts through an Anti-Racism lens, the framework adapts to prioritize the most salient system of oppression within a specific context or the system that aligns most closely with the goals of your work.
  • Systems of oppression, such as sexism, classism, ableism, and heterosexism, cause inequalities and hurts us all.

  • The goal is to eliminate all inequalities created by systems of oppression; to eradicate systems of oppression, we must

  • Invest where the needs are greatest; most times racial inequities are the greatest.

  • Led with Anti-Racism to drive racial justice and other
    Pro-Equity outcomes through a practice of Intersectionality, understanding where the people & places’ needs are greatest, and Targeted Universalism to drive Pro-Equity Anti-Racism worldwide. 

For organizations looking to become Anti-Racism, by taking a comprehensive approach and building capacity.  

Are you an organization who is interested in implementing the PEARADIGM™ Framework policy, practice, and communication within your organization?

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